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Franchise faq

Vedic Math is the ancient India’s fastest calculating system that is 10-15 times faster than the traditional maths. It has its origin in the Vedas and the system came into limelight when Shri Bharti Krishna Tirathji rediscovered it in 1911-1918. It is speedy, simple and accurate.

No, you need not necessarily be a Maths graduate to own a Naughty Maths franchise. Shear dedication and crisp entrepreneurial skills can make you become a boss and run your own profitable business. You will then have to hire an efficient maths teacher to train the children.

You can target school going kids, students preparing for entrances and even professionals. We all have experienced that a large number of students and professionals have always shied away from mathematics. Due to its complex nature, they develop a fear for the subject. By taking a Master Mind Vedic Maths franchise you can let them overcome this fear and make their mathematics learning experience joyous.

You will be provided with continual support and assistance from the company’s end throughout the tenure. Some of our benefits we offer to franchises are:

  • 1. Training for Academics, Marketing, Counseling and Product
  • 2. ERP Franchise Panel- for effective management of daily operations
  • 3. Post Franchise Operations Support to ensure smooth operations of every center

The franchise period for a franchise to perform its operations under vedic maths abacus brand name is for 5 years. This term can later be renewed.

The area of operation for a Unit Franchisee is within 1 km radius, and for its operations in the schools, the area is not defined.

The earning of the Franchisee will be directly proportional to the number of students enrolled. The Franchisees effort in getting the students will decide the amount of earning.

Yes, you can own more than 1 center. In case the 2nd center is within your radius of the 1st center, extension Franchisee fee is chargeable.

If the 2nd center is outside the boundary of the 1st center a new Franchisee fee is applicable for the same.

The Vedic maths abacus Curriculum is designed as per age group and academic syllabus class-wise. The practice sessions are carried out through game based software which is interesting and retains attention for a longer span.

Speed Building Software is used to improve the speed, giving a feel of a video game to the students. The software enhances the concentration, speed, accuracy and mental calculations.

  • The training is provided to the Class Instructor for all levels
  • Counselor training is provided one-to-one
  • Marketing Training is given to promote business and adopt strategies so that it can flourish. This training is also given to the franchise one-to-one


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